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Girl and Women Empowerment

It has been repeatedly said these days that women in India are enjoying the rights equal to men. But in reality, the women in India have  been the sufferers from the past. Not only i the earlier times but even now a days also, women have to face discrimination, injustice and dishonour. The constitution of India has granted equal rights to the women and man.

The Gender bias has been a noted factor for social imbalances and family unrest. On the one hand the women are getting educated and sensitized, still their rights are at lowest ebb. In-discrimination, unjust responsibilities, social humiliations and abuse are a common sight. To counter these maladies Akshara has initiated.

Women Human Rights in India:

  • - Right to liberty
  • - Right to politics​
  • - Right to equality
  • - Right to property
  • - Right to education
  • - Right to livelihood
  • - Right to live with dignity​
  • - Right to protection of health
  • - ​Right to free choice of profession
  • - Right to work in equitable condition
  • - Right to get equal wages for equal work
  • - Right to equal opportunity for employment
  • - Right to protection from inhuman treatment
  • - Right to protection from gender discriminatios
  • - Right to protection from society, state and family systems
  • - Right to social protection in the eventuality of retirement, old aged and sickness
  • - Right to privacy in terms of personal life, family, residence, correspondence etc

Community Awareness and Women Empowerment:

The AKSHARA has initiated the awareness generation and community sensitization measures to bring about makeshift in the gender scenario with the support of Central Board for Worker Education (CBWE) through pinpointed seminars and workshops on gender mainstreaming, employability trainings and vocational preparedness, linkages and productive participation of both genders in family financial sustenance. Information regarding Loans, Job providers and self employment opportunities is provided to the women under provisions of Right to equal opportunity for employment.

Tailoring training classes for the vulnerable families and housewives at Kota Narava village and surrounding areas, were organized at tailoring centres with the support of Govt, Polytechnics, Visakhapatnam. During this 60 days classes, the women were trained to stitch clothes with local women beneficiaries, as they could earn they daily income and support their families and support for the education of children.

Women Empowerment through Vocational Training:​

Tailoring training classes for the vulnerable women and destitute were organized in dress making with the support of Jana Sikhana Sansthan, Visakhapatnam at Narava village and surrounding areas of Jerripothulapalem, Nandavanipalem etc. in which 60 - 90 days classes are organized and women were employable through tailoring facilitating women to earn their daily income and support their families, educate children, have access to proper nutrition and medication.