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Rehabilitation Center


“There is lot more to spare towards orphan children than just living for ourselves.“

At a very tiny age I felt empty inside, even though obtained everything I was sure there had to be more to life, but I didn’t have a substantial trace of what that was, but i am sure I had a bigger purpose that I wasn’t fulfilling. There were many more without parents, help and demanding what we could extend to them and from there born the idea for Aradhana home caters to the orphan and neglected with education, care and love negotiating with Donors and sponsors of all ages, from all walks of life, and from all socio-economic backgrounds to join in this journey over the years.

As the founder secretary I had to see a hundred cute, hungry, parentless neglected children all along and I had seen them craving for love, attention and sometimes even more gullible wanting for a hug a kind touch which was touchy as they were children to be put to considerations of merciful brethren and noticed that every single one was precious and perfect, desperately in need of love, attention and to care. However, above all the heart pulse, the Aradhana home is planting scientific ways of counseling administration, value addition and showcasing of impact.

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The overview of Aradhana Children Home is "Support for orphan children with the Goal to improve the education and overall well being of such offspring's so in deprivation, comprehensive child centered care and shelter". Therefore the core services are Psycho-social supporter, Shelter, Nutrition and Education with a focus on community centered mechanism and societal motivation through instilling urge for orphan children well-being.

AKSHARA has a prime goal of providing education and rehabilitation for orphan, semi-orphan, disabled, HIV affected & abandoned and children of convicted criminals through services, value education and relief. Began as a care centre, Akshara pioneered ARADHANA CHILDREN HOME with rise in the numbers at Narava, a place 15-20 Km from Visakhapatnam City and 5Km from Gopalapatnam to be a center of care, residence and education. Here in the Aradhana Children's Home, emphasis is on value based English medium education in Akshaya E.M School and spaces to articulate their many talents through extra - curricular activities such as traditional dance, vocal & non- vocal music, yoga etc much more than feed, treats, and educate.

The experiences of AKSHARA convey that the society and associations needs to be motivated to stand to the cause of orphan segments. the campaigns are launched to draw the attention and institute sensitization all over the Visakhapatnam district. The Aradhana orphan shelter solicits the support of the like-minded philanthropies, stakeholders and individuals for functional collaboration. We request kind sponsors to associate to grow the services and activities for the change and transformation in our society and surroundings. We invite to celebrate birthdays & occasions with “Aradhana Children Home” children and further the cause of orphan and vulnerable value based English medium education in Akshaya E.M. School and spaces to articulate their many talents through extra-curricular activities such as traditional dance, vocal &non-vocal music, yoga etc much more than feed, treats, and educate.