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What we do

Health Care

The child health and poverty are interrelated and in our environs the per capita health expenditure doubles that of the advanced areas and this ill-health is a root for many of the childhood related curses in terms of dropouts.


Always been the front runner in providing education with the demonstrated experience that the education has the potential to bring transformative changes in social thinking and visioning and imparting the knowledge.

Rehabilitation Centre (Orphanage)

AKSHARA has a prime goal of providing education and rehabilitation for orphan, semi-orphan, disabled, HIV affected & abandoned and children of convicted criminals through services, value education and relief. Our Motto is to educate every child . Every Girl child is to be educated Every child has a right to be educated.


Girl and Women Activities

The gender bias has been a noted factor for social imbalances and family unrest. On the one hand the women are getting educated and sensitized; still their rights are at lowest. Indiscrimination, unjust-responsibilities, social-humiliations.


The mission of AKSHARA
is to work with orphan and vulnerable children!

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